Festive tips from Ausgrid

Published at 21/12/2017 05:00 PM

Ausgrid is reminding customers to follow some simple steps to ensure they can celebrate safely and save this Christmas.

Many properties across our network are decked out in colourful Christmas lights displays and they’ll be attracting crowds this weekend.

Ausgrid Chief Operating Officer Trevor Armstrong said residents should take a moment to do another check of their lights.

“If you’re doing some last minute DIY on your display remember to check for any frayed cords and if you are changing any broken bulbs make sure the lights are all unplugged first.

“If it rains you should also turn off your outdoor light displays so they don’t become a safety hazard,” Mr Armstrong said.

There are also ways to save while also lighting up for the festive season.

“By running your Christmas lights for just four hours a night instead of 10 you can save up to 60 percent on your running costs.

“If you are looking to replace your display for next year consider buying LED lights as they use half the energy of a standard string of fairy lights and they should keep working for many years,” he said

It’s important to inspect your Christmas tree and any other decorations which use electricity.

“Fully unroll any extension cords to stop them from overheating and don’t overload powerpoints by piggy backing double adaptors,” he said.

If you’re about to head away for the holidays make sure you switch your Christmas lights off before you leave home.

Switch appliances off at the wall so they’re not using power unnecessarily in standby mode. Getting into this habit could save you up to $100 off your power bill over a year.

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