Charges for Customer Connection Services

In New South Wales, customers must fund the cost of establishing a new or altering an existing connection between their property and Ausgrid’s distribution network and may be required to  contribute to the cost of  extending the network or increasing its capacity if connecting their property requires work to be done on the network.

Following the electrification of a customer’s connection, Ausgrid’s charges related to the supply of electricity  include charges for electricity delivery and fees for various miscellaneous services which Ausgrid may be requested to provide, such a special meter readings.  

Charges for Customer Connection Services

Exactly what the customer pays depends on the work necessary to make the connection safely.  Ausgrid’s current connection charges are set out in our Connection Policy - Connection Charges. A customer’s connection charges may include: 

  • Site Inspection Fees, if a site inspection is required to assess a connection service sought by a customer;
  • Anciliary fees for the services that Ausgrid provides to support the provision of contestable services by Accredited Service Providers;
  • Funding the installation or alteration of premises connection assets (generally meters and services wires) carried out as a contestable service by the customer’s ASP2;
  • Funding new or altered electricity works required for network augmentations or extensions.  These are designed as a contestable service by the customer’s ASP3 and constructed as a contestable service by the customer’s ASP1;
  • Contributions payable to other Ausgrid customers who in the last 7 years have funded the network assets to which the customer proposes to connect;
  • Ausgrid’s reasonable expenses in assessing and preparing a negotiated connection offer;
  • Financial guarantees or guarantees of revenue, where Ausgrid has funded an augmentation of its network to accommodate the connection.


Other Charges for Customer Connection Services

Fees for miscellaneous services such as special meter readings are also set out in our connection policy. Our charges for the delivery of electricity, generally referred to as network use of system charges, are the network tariffs set out in a Network Price List. These fees and charges are generally billed to your retailer.

The Ausgrid Connection Policy has been prepared to be consistent with the following regulatory instruments:

  • Chapter 5A of the National Electricity Rules, in particular the connection charging priniples in Part E of that Chapter; and 
  • the Australian Energy Regulatory (AER) Connection Charge Guidelines for electricity retail customers, which are available from the AER website.