Asset Relocations

Relocation of Ausgrid electrical network assets requests cover requests from local councils, resident groups or any other party to relocate their existing distribution assets. These include requests to underground existing bare overhead assets or to replace them with insulated overhead cables. There may be an upfront non negotiable and non-refundable fee to facilitate the initial feasibility of the proposed relocation and determine if the works are feasible or not. For large scale and complex relocations, additional feasibility funding may be required up front, which Ausgrid will determine on a case by case basis. For further information refer to Network Asset

Relocation and Underground Policy Guidelines

How to make an application for asset relocation

Fill in and return the Application Form NECF01 or send details in an email to
If the asset relocation is associated with an application for a new or existing connection then include NECF03 and only tick the asset relocation box on the Application Form NECF03.
The following details are required as a minimum with all asset relocation requests:

  • Name, phone number, email address and postal address for the project contact; 
  • Full street address; 
  • The name of the closest intersection; 
  • A clear drawing showing the scope of the relocation, plus asset numbers; 
  • Existing and proposed electrical network asset positions; and 
  • Scope of any road or building works that could impact the assets.