Information Pack: Registered embedded generators

This information pack applies to embedded generator connections that will follow the connection process regulated by Chapter 5 of the National Electricity Rules (NER). In general Chapter 5 applies to generators that have a capacity greater than 5MW and that will be registered with AEMO.

Application guides, pro forma design and connection contracts, Network Standards and other information included in this information pack are available from the drop down links below. The Registered Embedded Generators Guideline provides a directory to these documents.

Guideline, process and examples

Connection Policy - Connection Charges

This publication sets out the connection charges payable by customers for connecting their premises to Ausgrid’s distribution network. 

Design and Connection Agreements (pro forma contracts)

This connection agreement is currently under review. This version is being provided for reference until the new agreement is finished. New agreements will be made using the new version.

  • Generator Connection Agreement - General Conditions
  • Generator Connection Agreement - Instrument of Agreement
  • Generator Connection Agreement - Operating and Maintenance Protocol
  • ASP3 Design Contract

Relevant Network Standards and other technical requirements

Preliminary Enquiry Form (NECF01)

Connection Application Form (NECF03) - large, multiple and remote connections

Connection Application Form (NECF04) - embedded and standby generation