Permanently unmetered supply

Permanently unmetered supplies (PUMS) are a restricted type of connection only provided for public facilities in public places where the energy consumption can be accurately assessed without the need for a meter.
Typical installations include traffic lights, small telecommunications installations, monitoring and surveillance equipment for public entities, and lighting for public facilities where standard public lighting criteria is not met. Some commercial connections, which otherwise meet the criteria for an unmetered network connection are also permitted provided the organisation has entered a separate commercial agreement with Ausgrid.

 All PUMS in Ausgrid's area must comply with the requirements of the Service and Installation Rules of NSW (Section 5, Special Small Services). There are two different types of unmetered network connections, market and non-market.

Non-market unmetered connections are recognised as installations settled directly between the electricity distributor (eg. Ausgrid) and the local retailer (in Ausgrid's network,Energy Australia is the local retailer).
Market unmetered connections (or Type 7 metering installations) are recognised as installations settled in the National Electricity Market (NEM) and these connection customers are allowed to choose their energy retailer. You must apply through AEMO if you intend to be a market unmetered connection as well as applying to Ausgrid. Refer to AEMO's website for additional information about market approved unmetered loads.

You will need to obtain approval from Ausgrid before making a connection application if you do not already have a PUMS Approved Customer Number and an Approved Load Identification (Load ID) number for your proposed installation. Generally the following minimum load requirements must be met:

  • Maximum of 10A single phase
  • Supplied from one network Point of Common Coupling
  • Energy consumption that can be assessed without a meter

If the proposed installation will be mounted on Ausgrid assets you will also need a Facilities Access Agreement with Ausgrid and technical approval for the installation mounting arrangements in accordance with the Network Standard NS183 - Installation of private Attachments on Ausgrid Poles.

 New installations and all device alterations (including disconnections) to existing installations require a negotiated connection application.
High volume PUMS customers can engage Ausgrid to develop a customer specific negotiated contract which can be accepted on application much like a basic or standard connection offer.

To enquire about PUMS

If you have an enquiry about PUMS or are considering a PUMS connection and you want specific advice about your proposed installation you can email your proposal to us at or you can call us (02) 4325 8551
Ausgrid typically require the following details:

  • Confirmation that the proposed installation is on public land and meets the minimum PUMS load requirements;
  • An explanation as to why a main switchboard is not practical or safe;
  • Full technical specifications for the proposed equipment and operational arrangements (such as 24 hour, timer control or PE cell control) to enable the daily average load to be calculated;
  • A single line diagram of the proposed installation. 
  • This service may attract fees and approval is not guaranteed. Where applicable, we will provide fee advice for your acceptance before providing some services.

To apply

The Form NECF-07 Connection Application - Permamently Unmetered Supplies (PUMS) should be used for small service applications where the customer and their type of installation have been approved by Ausgrid.
You can fill this out with our printable version, or excel version.

 Download the guide to help you fill out the form.

This form should be submitted to with all mandatory fields complete.
This service will attract fees and approval is not guaranteed.