Preliminary Enquiries

You can make a preliminary enquiry if you need further information for establishing a new connection, modifying an existing connection or relocating existing Ausgrid electrical network assets. Preliminary enquiries can help you understand the time frame, site requirements and associated costs. They also help us make initial assessments about the work that needs to be done and which connection services you will need. 

A preliminary enquiry may take place if you need to investigate the feasibility of your development and prepare a development application.  For example, you could be seeking to connect a generator greater than 5MW. You could be intending to purchase or sell electricity in the National Electricity Market. In such circumstances, you can make a site specific preliminary enquiry and request a written response.  Preliminary enquiries will generally be responded to within ten business days.   There is a service fee payable in advance.  Refer to Appendix A, B15 in  our Connection Policy - Connection Charges.  

How to make a preliminary enquiry?

To make a preliminary enquiry, you need to submit a Preliminary Enquiry Application Form (NECF01).. For further information on asset relocation also refer to the policy guidelines

  • The following information in Part A of the form as required as a minimum:
  • 1. Name and address of enquirer or name of the party the enquirer is acting on behalf of;
  • 2. Type of enquiry; and
  • 3. Premise details and location

If you want to connect to our high voltage network or connect embedded generation units of 5MW or above, you will need to complete Part B of the Preliminary Enquiry Form.