Make a testing enquiry

How to arrange tests

To arrange tests, write, fax or e-mail one of our contact people on or e-mail: with the following information:

  • Description of equipment to be tested (including a drawing: AutoCAD or Adobe PDF B&W are our preferred formats).
  • Tests required.
  • Electrical ratings - voltage, current, short-circuit making and breaking capacity.
  • Applicable standards - IEC, BS, EN, AS, ANSI.
  • Documentation required (ASTA or Ausgrid - Certificates or Test Reports).
  • When the testing is required.
  • Refer to the 'Test Cells and busbar connections' PDF here for layout of the test cells and connection options.
  • Refer to the 'LCTS Drawing requirements' PDF here that lists the drawing requirements for equipment to be tested.

LV Switchboard Testing

IEC 61439-1 has several verification tests. For ASTA certificates of complete verification tests we need to perform every test. We can also issue Certificates covering just Short-circuit rating or temperature rise or dielectric properties.

As switchboard design varies a lot, we require advice on the overall size of the board, the rated current of the incoming unit and the size of each outgoing unit. A sketch of the front view of the board showing the units and the busbar run and a single line diagram is helpful.

For each test required we need advice on the following:

Test type Advice required
Temperature rise: Test current of incoming and outgoing units and diversity factor
Dielectric properties: Rated operational voltage eg 415 V
Rated insulation voltage eg 690 V
Rated Impulse voltage eg 6 kV
Short circuit rating: Specify whether busbars and or units are to be tested
Short time current ratings of phase busbars eg 50 kA for 1s
Short time current ratings of Neutral circuit can be specified or performed at 60%
Degree of Protection: Need to specify the IP rating required eg IP32 or IP43 or IP2X etc
Protective earth circuit: N/A
Creepage and clearance: N/A
Mechanical operation: Quantity eg 5 units, 200 operations per unit

Transformer Testing

Lane Cove Testing Station can perform full type tests on a range of distribution transformers and earthing transformers.
For testing enquires please provide information on the following:

  • Overall dimensions – external drawing
  • Voltage ratio and VA rating
  • Percent impedance
  • Frequency
  • Cooling medium
  • Winding material eg copper or aluminium
  • Winding construction Wire or foil
  • Vector group
  • No. of Taps and percentage steps
  • Weight: Total and core and coil
  • Relays: Type and or pressure relief

Please identify test specification and tests required and if applicable test levels and limits

  • Temperature rise
  • Short circuit
  • Lightning Impulse
  • Sound level
  • Energy Performance (AS2374.1.2)

Transport of Test Items

Lane Cove Testing Station will handle importing and re-exporting of test items on behalf of our clients and we have an arrangement with Australian Customs for exemptions from Import Duty and Tax for equipment being imported for testing by us. For more information, please contact one of our staff, or e-mail:

Where is Lane Cove Testing Station?

All Ausgrid Business Services facilities are located in the northern suburbs of Sydney, Australia's largest city, approximately 15 minutes from the city centre and 40 minutes from the international airport. Travel to the laboratory via public transport is by Government Buses: Route 251 from the City, or Route 258 from Chatswood. Refer to the Sydney Buses Website for further details.
Click here for an interactive map of Ausgrid Testing & Certification - Lane Cove Testing Statrion