Electricity supply

Ausgrid distributes electricity to customers in the Sydney, Central Coast and Hunter regions of NSW, along a vast network of substations, poles and wires.

The Ausgrid network distributes more than 30,000 GWh of electricity annually, to just under 1.7 million customers through over 49,000km of both overhead lines and underground cables.  

Our electricity supply is taken from the NSW transmission network at either 132,000 or 66,000 volts and reduced to 33,000, 22,000 or 11,000 volts through a network of transmission and zone substations. Street-based distribution substations further reduce supply to levels that meet our customers’ home or business requirements.

To find out more click on the following links:

  • Find power outages in your area
    Check the power outage map for power interruptions in your area, and report a power outage online.
  • Blackouts and Power restoration
    Find out more about how to stay safe during a blackout and how we restore power
  • Guaranteed Service Levels
    The NSW Government customer service standards set out the level of service that Ausgrid and other electricity businesses must provide to their customers. 
  • Network prices 
    All electrical distributors including Ausgrid charge energy retailers a fee for the use of the electrical network infrastructure which is passed onto the customer.
  • Life Support
    If you rely on a continuous power supply for medical equipment, you are an eligible life support customer and must register your details with your electricity retailer (the company which sends you the bills).