How you can help us restore power quicker

Our field crews work hard to restore power as quickly as is safely possible, but there are things you can do to help us.

If you’ve seen or heard something that you think could be responsible for a power outage, you can call Ausgrid on 13 13 88 to report it.

You can help our crews locate the problem as quickly as possible by giving us the following details:

  • Your street address or rural address number
  • Nearest corner
  • Number on your nearest power pole (as pictured), pillar box or substation
  • Street address of the fault

It is also a big help if you can tell us what type of wires are down – is it the line that connects to your house or the lines that run between power poles.  If a tree has fallen across powerlines – has it brought them down or is the tree resting on them, or is it just a branch across the wires?