How do I find my NMI?

The NMI, or National Meter Identifier, is a unique number for your home or business.

1. You'll find the NMI on the electricity bill for that property.

2. The NMI may be on the front of the first or second page of your bill.

3. The NMI is eleven digits. In Ausgrid's network, it ranges from 41020000000 to 41049999999.

Here are examples of where you might find the NMI on your electricity bill.

Example 1

This example shows the NMI at the top of the bill in the summary.

How to find NMI on an Origin bill

Example 2

This example has the NMI with the supply details.

Example 3

This example shows the NMI with the usage details.

How to find a NMI on EnergyAustralia bill