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Service update

Due to scheduled maintenance the Outage Map service and Outage Form are not available between 6:30pm and 8:00pm on Thursday 14/9.  For updates please check Ausgrid's Twitter account. We apologise for the inconvenience. If you have any questions, comments or need further information please call us.

General enquiries 13 13 65
Emergencies 13 13 88

About this map

Search for an address to find known power outages at your location. To report an outage click the 'Report Outages' tab.

The map shows current reported outages that affect more than one customer in our network area. Restoration times are an estimate only and may change.

  • Some outages are based on an estimation of the area affected, which may be overstated.
  • Outages may display on the map for a period of time after power has been restored.
  • The outage area on the map is automatically created and does not consider property boundaries.
  • Reported supply problems that affect a single property only are not displayed.
  • Many outages are progressively restored. This map may not be updated to reflect the current outage area.
  • If your property is outside our network area, please contact your local electricity network.

Future outages

The map displays planned power interruptions over the next 8 days. Work scheduled for a planned power interruption may be cancelled due to weather or other circumstances. Some types of scheduled work that require power to be interrupted are not included on the map, such as meter or overhead service wire replacements

We give customers at least four days' notice so they can prepare for a planned interruption to their power supply. Our crews sometimes need to make emergency repairs on the network. Where possible, we notify customers as soon as we can. These jobs are not shown here.

The customer numbers show the number of homes and businesses usually supplied by the part of the network we will interrupt. Where possible, we minimise disruption by supplying power to customers from unaffected parts of the local network.

How to report an outage

Already checked our power outage map for known problems affecting your home or business?

  • If it's not on the map you can use this form to report a problem with your power or electric off-peak hot water supply.
  • Our priority is to attend to dangerous electrical hazards in the community and an emergency officer may not be available until after these jobs. Please call 13 13 88.
  • If an electricity retailer asked us to disconnect your power you will need to contact your retailer to arrange reconnection.

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We will fix any problems with the electricity network in the street and check that our equipment supplying your home or business is operating correctly, free of charge.

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More about equipment inspection
  • Ausgrid’s free check covers Ausgrid’s electrical equipment in the street, substations, and poles and powerlines. We also own the service wire that runs from the street to a connection point on your property.
  • The connection point is usually on a building or private power pole. Property owners are responsible for the connection point and beyond.

Please contact 13 13 88 to submit your outage
Property equipment check
If our equipment and network is working correctly

If our equipment is working correctly, you can choose for our officer to investigate the problem with your hot water system at your home or business for a fee, or you can contact an electrician of your choice.

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Please contact 13 13 88 to submit your outage
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Please carefully read each item before submitting your report.

  • I understand that Ausgrid will send an emergency service officer to check if Ausgrid's network equipment is operating correctly, free of charge.
  • If the fault is not with Ausgrid’s network, you can choose on site for our officer to diagnose, give you a quote or make simple repairs to your equipment for a service fee of ${{serviceDisplayFee | number:2}} ${{serviceDisplayFee}} plus parts and labour, or you can contact an electrician of your choice.

Someone over the age of 18 must be on site, show identification, authorise the work at your property and accept responsibility for any costs prior to work being undertaken.before the work is done.

The officer is not able to accept payment. Ausgrid will send an invoice which is payable within 12 business days.

Please accept terms and conditions

Please contact 13 13 88 to submit your outage