What to do in a blackout

If you have no power

  • Check our power outages map to see if we are aware of your outage. If it's been reported, you can get information such as the estimated restoration time.
  • Check if other lights and electrical equipment are working.
  • Look outside for damage, such as wires down or trees lying across powerlines. Stay away from any fallen powerlines or trees lying across powerlines.
  • Check if your neighbours have power.
  • Once you have assessed the situation, call Ausgrid's emergency service on 13 13 88. Most telephones should not be affected during a power outage, however some cordless phones may not work.

Please be patient. If a power outage has affected a large amount of customers, our call centre will become very busy, very quickly. You may hear a pre-recorded message when you call. Where possible, this will include an estimation of the time it will take to restore power. If there is no message about a power outage in your area or you need more information, stay on the line and a customer service representative will assist you.

If you have electricity to only some parts of your property or if your neighbours have power and you don’t – the problem could be inside your home. Call 13 13 88 in the first instance to check.

For extended outages

While we work to restore power, you can:

  • Leave one light switch on so you will know as soon as power is restored.
  • Tune to your local radio station with a battery operated radio or the car radio for power restoration updates.
  • You can also get power restoration updates from Ausgrid on social media, including Facebook or Twitter.
  • Assist your neighbours where possible, but remember safety first.
  • Switch off and unplug sensitive electrical and electronic equipment. This may include your TV, computer, hi-fi system, or DVD player.
  • Do not open the fridge or freezer. Food will last longer if you keep doors closed.
  • Use a generator with extreme caution. Generators should only be used to power appliances directly plugged into them. Do not connect the output to the house switchboard or wiring because this can cause a safety risk for our workers. Download our safety sheet for more information.

 What to do if you’re on life support

If you rely on a continuous supply of power to run medical equipment, we urge you to make sure you have a back-up plan in case of unexpected problems on the electricity network. You could also plan with your doctor or other medical service providers where to go in the event of an extended interruption. Read more.