Why the power goes out

Electrical emergencies

  • Powerlines down Powerlines can be damaged by fallen trees, flying debris in high winds, lightning strikes, car accidents, vandalism, fires, and birds or other animals. Fallen powerlines are very dangerous – keep away from them and remind others to do so
  • Prolonged heavy rain
  • Local flooding may also affect trees, poles and underground cables

See our emergency advice for more information on electrical safety.

Equipment faults

Ausgrid’s electricity network is made up of more than 30,000 substations, 48,000 kilometres of powerlines and 500,000 power poles. We routinely inspect and maintain this equipment, however faults can occur. This can include equipment failure, underground cables damaged during construction or roadwork, or defective electrical equipment in homes or offices. Compensation may be payable if property has been damaged. Call 13 13 65 for information about making a claim.

Planned maintenance and interruptions

To ensure we supply your electricity to a safe standard, our equipment must be maintained or replaced from time to time. On rare occasions, we may have to cut your electricity while we do it. See today’s planned interruptions on Live power outages or visit the list of today’s and future interruptions. We will ensure that we:

  • Keep the periods as short as possible.
  • Provide you with notice so that you can plan around any power outage.
  • We will give you four days’ notice unless there is an emergency reason that needs urgent action.
  • If you need to ensure continuity of supply, (such as for life saving medical equipment, and some business processes which incur exceptionally high costs if interrupted), please contact us as soon as possible on 13 13 65.

Emergency maintenance

Despite all the best planning, investment, and maintenance schedules, failures in the system may still occur. In most cases, we can restore power quickly to customers from unaffected parts of the network. In a few cases, you may suddenly lose your power to allow for emergency repairs. We have plans in place for dealing with these situations. A full description of the objectives for our electricity network and supply to customers is provided in NS238 - Supply Quality.

A fault at your home or business

You are welcome to contact any electrician or electrical service provider to repair an electrical fault at your home or business.