Register your details

  • If you rely on a continuous power supply for medical equipment, you are an eligible life support customer and must register your details with your electricity retailer (the company which sends you the bills). 

  • You are required to provide written confirmation from a medical practitioner to be eligible for relevant rebates.

  • It's also important to register your details with us and let us know when they change – for example, if you move, or change telephone number. Call us on 13 13 65.

Power outages

From time to time, the power supply to your home can be interrupted by unexpected problems like storms and bushfires. There are also time we may need to interrupt the power supply  so crews can safely carry out essential upgrades or planned maintenance to the electricity network. 

We will notify you in writing a minimum of four business days before any planned interruption, giving you the date, time and duration of the scheduled interruption, so you can plan around it.

Ausgrid does all it can to ensure a safe and reliable electricity supply, however, unfortunately no electricity network can guarantee a continuous 24 hour power supply. 

Prepare a plan of action

life support action plan image

Download and complete your life support action plan to use as a reference during an outage.

We urge you to be prepared and make a back-up plan in case of unexpected power outages, like those caused by storms. 

It's a good idea to regularly check the back-up battery of your life support equipment  so it's fully charged and ready for use at all times. 

Make sure you have important information on hand, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers of your doctor, the nearest hospital, a neighbour or someone nearby who is willing to assist you. Our action plan template above may help you with this.

Consider also making an emergency plan with your medical professional for extended outages and emergencies.

Your safety and wellbeing is always a priority for us. If you have any questions regarding the electricity supply to your life support equipment, please contact 13 13 65. In the event of a power outage, call our emergency line 13 13 88

Life Support Research

Ausgrid recently conducted a survey of Life Support Customers to understand communication preferences during interruptions to power supply.  Over 1,600 customers shared their experience and expectations and we are using this information to inform our service delivery. A key insight was that customers would like us to pro-actively contact them in the event of an unplanned power outage. We have listened and now send text messages to life support customers where we have mobile phone contact numbers. Over the coming months Ausgrid will be contacting customers to confirm and update their details to further improve communication during interruptions to power supply.