Choose an air conditioner that's right for you

December 2014

Buying the right sized air conditioner for the area it’s cooling and using it wisely, are the best two things to consider when trying to keep cool efficiently this summer.

On average about 50,000 NSW households install their first air conditioner each year, but units that are either too big or too small can add more than $250 to your annual energy bill.

As a rough guide, multiply the number of square metres you want to cool by 125Watts and compare this to the air conditioner’s output, according to Ausgrid’s Energy Efficiency team.

The most popular and affordable models are wall-mounted reverse cycle units, which can also be used to keep you warm in winter. They can cost up to 70 cents to run per hour and can add more than $150 to your summer energy bill.

New air conditioners are becoming more efficient and the star rating system helps you choose the most efficient model for the size you need.

Remember each extra star will reduce running costs by around 10% per year.

Some models of new air conditioners also come with in-built technology that allows power-saving modes to be activated remotely. It means you may be able to take part in future programs led by electricity networks, which could save you money. Look out for details on the energy label.

The easiest way to save money is to set the right temperature. Each degree of cooling can add 10% to your running costs. So set it between 23 and 26 degrees and close doors and windows to keep the cool air in.

For more tips check out Ausgrid’s summer cooling guide.