Use a fan to keep cool

February 2015

Keeping yourself cool in summer doesn’t have to be costly if you make fans your first option.

Heating and cooling costs make up about a quarter of the average household’s energy use, so looking at the most efficient way  to keep comfortable  helps to manage energy bills.

Ausgrid’s energy efficiency team said that fans were the cheapest form of cooling.

While fans can’t reduce the temperature, they can make you feel about three degrees cooler, by circulating the air.

Ceiling fans cost about two cents per hour to run, or as little as $6 over summer. In comparison air conditioners cost between 30 to 40 cents an hour and can increase your summer bill by more than $150.

Remember to turn your ceiling fans to the summer forward rotation setting, which efficiently circulates the cool air around the room.

Pedestal fans are great because you can move them to the room you’re using and point them directly at you if it is hot. They’re also the cheapest to buy, with prices starting at around $20.

Also, don’t forget about nature’s fan, and use natural cross-ventilation and cooling breezes whenever possible. A well-designed home will have windows, vents or doors in opposite walls that can be opened up to create air movement.

For more tips check out Ausgrid's summer cooling guide.

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