Small Appliance Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate the running cost of household electrical appliances. Simply enter the appliance wattage and the number of hours it is used each week then press “calculate”.

The appliance wattage is usually listed on a label attached to the appliance or can be obtained from the product manufacturer. If you are unable to find it, see Ausgrid's Appliance energy usage guide for typical wattages. 

Note: This calculator is not suitable for thermostat controlled appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, air conditioners or column heaters (fan and oil).

Estimated annual usage

kg CO2


1) Estimated annual running costs are calculated using electricity prices indicative of competitive 2015/16 pay-on-time offers advertised by the major energy retailers for residential customers in the Ausgrid network area.

2) Greenhouse gas emissions are estimated using the National Greenhouse Factor of 0.96 kg/kWh for the electricity generated and distributed in NSW. This factor is published by the Australian Government, Department of Environment in the National Greenhouse Accounts (NGA) Factors, August 2015.