See below for some simple ways to help reduce your heating costs.

  • Avoid over heating - keep within the recommended temperatures (no warmer than 21°C) to save up to $80 a year
  • Choose a heater that suits your needs - consider fuel type, size of room, running costs, and use of a thermostat/timer
  • Use sparingly – dress warmly and only heat the area you’re using
  • Keep the heat in by covering south-facing windows and undercover north, east and west-facing windows to let the sun heat your home; stop draughts by using door snakes or window seals; shut doors particularly for the colder or spare rooms during the day; or consider installing insulation
  • Choose a reverse cycle air conditioner as it is an efficient way to heat spaces during winter.

Clothes dryer

  • Hang clothes out in the sun or use an indoor drying rack if it is raining or if you get natural sunlight inside
  • Clean the dryer’s lint filter regularly to maintain full air flow, maximise the drying efficiency and minimise fire risk
  • Never put dripping wet clothes in your dryer. Spin dry them first in the washing machine 
  • Buy a high star rated model and make sure it has a sensor to minimise drying times
  • If you have time-based pricing, use your clothes dryer during off peak times to save money (i.e. after 10pm and before 7am)