Saving with time of use pricing

Time of use pricing provides incentives for you to save money by shifting your usage out of Peak periods (working weekdays from 2pm to 8pm) to less expensive Shoulder and Off Peak periods.

Here are some ways you can save on your bill: 

  • Turn your dishwasher on before you go to bed (Off Peak) rather than straight after dinner (Peak/Shoulder) and you could save around $33 a year.
  • Use your clothes dryer on the weekend or after 8pm (Shoulder) during the week and you could save around $20 a year on your bill. Whenever possible, dry clothes in the sun or on a drying rack inside.
  • Run your pool pump during Shoulder periods (avoid 2-8pm on working weekdays) and you could save more than $250 a year on your electricity bill. If you have a quiet pump or are located a long way from your neighbours, you may be able to run it overnight to save even more. Make sure you check the noise restrictions in your local area first.
  • Use a fan rather than air conditioning on milder days. It costs about 94 cents an hour to run a standard air conditioner during the Peak period, compared to about 38 cents an hour during the Shoulder period or 48 cents an hour on standard domestic rates. A ceiling fan costs less than 5 cents an hour to run during Peak periods.
  • Try not to over-heat or over-cool your home. Set your room temperature to 23 to 26 degrees in summer and 18 to 21 degrees in winter. One degree colder or warmer can increase energy use by up o 10%.