Meter upgrades

New metering equipment will be needed if you want to connect a new home or business to our network.  

You may also require a new meter if you have renovated an existing home, chosen to install solar panels or other embedded generation or if your meter has been identified as part of a meter replacement program.

There is an upfront regulated fee for a new meter, if the meter is for a new or upgraded connection. If installing before 1 December 2017 you will need to engage an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) to do the work for you. For more information about charges please see Ausgrid's Connection Policy.

At times, a meter may need to be replaced  with costs covered by Ausgrid. This is the case when:

  • The meter stops working - this is usually detected by a meter reader, or our metering systems identifying a potential problem

  • A particular type of meter has been identified through testing to deteriorating performance. These are typically older meters that are at the end of their servicable life.

Until 1 December 2017 Ausgrid's default new or replacement meter is an accumulation meter. An interval meter is supplied only if embedded generation is involved, if you are a business customer with a three phase 100A electrical connection or you have specifically requested a Time of Use tariff. 

After 1 December your electricity retailer, will be responsible for organising any new or replacement meter. From this time any new meters for homes and small businesses will be a smart meter. Learn more about this change under Power of Choice