Repair costs

Overhead powerlines that aren’t inspected and properly maintained can become a serious bushfire risk. Ausgrid will carry out regular patrols to check private poles and overhead powerlines across our network area  for potential bushfire hazards. 

If any hazards are identified, property owners will be given a defect notice outlining what work is required and the time in which it must be done. It will be your responsibility to arrange and pay for any work required.

You will need to arrange for a licensed electrician to repair any damaged electrical assets, such as broken electrical equipment or wires, or poles which are rotting, corroded or leaning excessively. If branches, trees or shrubs need to be cleared you will need to engage a tree trimming contractor who is qualified to work around the electricity network to safely remove the vegetation

If the work is not completed, Ausgrid may either enter the property to carry out any required rectification works or disconnect the property’s power supply to remove any safety risk. If we carry out the work we will recover the reasonable cost of doing the work from the property owner.

The following table provides some examples of common defects and a range of indicative costs that customers may be charged when engaging qualified contractors to complete the work required by the notice. These estimates are indicative only and do not allow for issues such as difficult access or specialised equipment, or include potential additional costs for service searches, design, transfer and reinstatement of services to private poles, traffic control or rock excavation.

Common defect
Indicative cost of rectification
Common defect
Indicative cost of rectification
Vegetation management 
per span
$200 -
Conductor retensioning
$1,800 - $2,800
Installation of LV spreaders
$1,200 -

Insulator replacement
$1,500 - $2,500

Crossarm replacement
$1,800 -

Conductor replacement
$3,600 - $6,000

Pole replacement
$5,000 -