Battery Trials

Smart Grid Smart City - Distributed Generation and Storage Trials

As part of the Australian government funded Smart Grid Smart City program, Ausgrid explored and analysed the benefits that could be obtained and the issues that would arise from implementation of generation and storage technologies within Australian distribution networks.

This program included the installation of 60 battery storage systems (5kW/ 10kWh) at residential properties in Newcastle (suburban) and Gundy (rural). An overview presentation of the trials and full technical compendium can be downloaded below:

Smart Grid Smart City Technical Compendium – Distributed Generation and Storage

Smart Grid Smart City Industry Presentation – Distributed generation and storage trials

Newington grid battery

Ausgrid installed and trialled a 60kW/ 120kWh grid-connected Lithium Ion battery during 2014/2015 in the Sydney suburb of Newington. The primary aim of the trial was to test the reliability and performance of grid connected batteries for peak demand reduction. This project was funded under the Australian Energy Regulator’s Demand Management Innovation Allowance.