Information for installers

To install a solar power or battery storage system at a customer’s premise in Ausgrid’s network, installers must have the appropriate Clean Energy Council installer accreditation and hold a NSW electrical license for any work on the customer’s electrical installation.

The inverter being installed as part of the solar or battery storage system must be approved to Australian Standard 4777 for grid connected energy systems via inverters. The Clean Energy Council publishes an approved product list on their website.

Before installing a solar power or battery system in Ausgrid’s network you must submit the appropriate Connection Application for a new or upgraded embedded generator. There are different forms and processes depending on the size of the embedded generator and for more detailed information go to our Embedded Generation connection section.

After the Connection Application has been approved, you can proceed with the work following the relevant rules, standards and guidelines.

When the installation is completed you must submit a copy of the Certificate of Compliance Electrical Work (CCEW) to Ausgrid and to the customer. If the metering system requires changing or an upgrade to the installation is required this work must be performed by an electrician who is qualified to do such work and a Notice of Service Works (NOSW) must also be submitted to Ausgrid.


Solar power or battery storage system connections in Ausgrid’s network area require bi-directional interval metering. This may mean a change to the customer’s pricing plan and the customer should contact their electricity retailer about what pricing options are available.

From 1 July 2015, Ausgrid’s metering devices are supplied at a regulated charge to small retail customers with less than 160MWh per annum consumption. For more information on these regulated meter charges, please see our Connection Policy – Connection Charges July 2015.

Installing or re-configuring existing metering is classed as "contestable work". This means that the customer is required to fund the cost of connecting their new or upgraded electrical installation to Ausgrid's distribution network, but does have the choice of engaging Ausgrid or another Level 2 Accredited Service Provider accredited with NSW Department of Industry.

Standards, rules and guidelines

Ausgrid standards

NS194A Guidelines for Photovoltaic Installations up to 200kW Connected via Inverters to the Ausgrid Network
NS194 Protection Requirements of Embedded Generators >30kW
ES1 Premises Connection Requirements

Australian standards

AS/NZS 5033: Installation and safety requirements for photovoltaic (PV) arrays
AS/NZS 4777: Grid connection of energy systems via inverters
AS/NZS 4509: Stand-alone power systems

New South Wales service rules

Service and Installation Rules of New South Wales


Clean Energy Council installer accreditation
Clean Energy Council approved products