Installing a battery system

At Ausgrid, we support the installation of embedded generation on our network, including battery systems. Small-scale systems can be connected by installers who are accredited with the Clean Energy Council.

Battery systems can deliver a number of potential benefits for customers, including:

  • Arbitrage - charging the battery when  energy prices are lower and discharging when energy prices are higher;
  • Solar storage - storing excess solar energy for later use; and
  • Islanding - providing a source of energy in the event of loss of network supply.

Your battery installer will need to provide us with information on your system by sending us a connection application.

When installation is complete, the installer should provide you and Ausgrid with a copy of the Certificate of Compliance Electrical Work (CCEW).

If your electricity meter requires upgrading then the battery installer should also engage an electrician who is qualified to install electricity meters.

You can get more information about battery systems from the Clean Energy Council.