Safety inspections

The installer’s electrician must certify that the work on the solar or battery installation has been done safely by giving the customer and Ausgrid a Certificate of Compliance for the electrical work

Ausgrid also carries out audit inspections of solar and battery installations connected to our network to make sure they are safe. Our inspection covers the work at ground level, including the wiring, metering and inverter (unless it is inaccessible). The majority of systems inspected have been found to be installed correctly.

If any system is found to be unsafe, we disconnect it immediately.  The installer receives a defect notice and we leave a card at the house to advise the customer their solar or battery system has been disconnected that day.  The installer is then required to fix the system and provide another Certificate of Compliance to the customer and Ausgrid for the rectification work.  Because battery systems are reasonably new technologies, Ausgrid is currently inspecting every battery installation. 

Due to the large number of solar systems being installed, it can take some months for our inspectors to carry out an inspection after your solar system has been connected if it has been targeted for an audit inspection. 

If you have any concerns, please contact your installer for assurance that it is safe. In particular, you should ask them if you have a Direct Current (DC) circuit breaker installed and if so, that it was wired correctly.

It is important that you do not operate any of the switches on your solar system until you have reassurance from your solar installer that it is safe. The NSW Fair Trading website has further information on safety of solar systems.