Ausgrid is a signatory of the FluoroCycle scheme which aims to reduce the amount of mercury entering the environment from the disposal of lighting, tubes and globes.

Ausgrid has been recycling around 4 tonnes of lamps each year since 2007, however by signing onto the voluntary scheme in 2012, we confirmed our commitment to recycling mercury-containing lamps from our operations to reduce our impact on the environment. In addition to mercury, other components of the lamps can be recycled, including glass, aluminium and other metals. As part of the scheme Ausgrid must submit an annual statement of compliance to maintain our signatory status.

Lamps are recycled from Ausgrid's:

  • street lamp bulk replacement program by contractors
  • street lighting lamp replacements by Ausgrid staff
  • depots and offices
  • EnergyLight program
  • substations

FluoroCycle is administered by the Lighting Council Australia with support from the Australian Government. In September 2014, the scheme was officially announced as an Australian Government Accredited Product Stewardship initiative.