New homes for native wildlife

More than 220 nest boxes have been installed along easements for new and upgraded power lines in the Central Coast and Hunter to provide homes for native wildlife to offset the loss of some hollow-log bearing trees.

Comprehensive environmental management plans were developed to restore the easements and promote the regeneration of vegetation. In addition to nest boxes, the rehabilitation program included weed removal, native seed collection and propagation of native endemic flora species.

Access tracks created for construction vehicles have also been rehabilitated with improved drainage to ensure future viability and safeguards to guard against runoff into creeks and tributaries in the area.

A recent annual audit of the nest boxes for the Hunter site showed that more than 90 percent of the next boxes were now homes for feathertail gliders, pygmy possums, brushtail possums, emerald spotted tree frogs, galahs and parrots.


A brushtail possum takes up residence in a nest box