Review of Environmental Factors

We are planning to replace 132kV underground cables from McEvoy Street, Alexandria to Wellington Street, Waterloo . The Review of Environmental Factors (REF) was on exhibition 25th September to 25 October 2017. The project has been approved for construction and is now underway. 

Please click on the links below to view the final REF documents. 

Section Title
Alexandria to Waterloo cable project REF                Main document
Appendix A Drawings and plans
Appendix B  Consultation documents
Appendix C Construction Noise Impact Assessment
Appendix D Qualitative Noise Assessment for Trenching Works
Appendix E
Waste Classification, Contamination Investigation and Geotechnical Investigation
 Appendix F Arboricultural Impact Assessment
Appendix G  Statement of Heritage Impact
Determination report  Determination report
Addendum to REF Project addendum - diversion of feeder around Alexandria Park on Power Avenue and Wyndham St, Alexandria
Addendum to REF Project addendum - underbore of stormwater culvert on McEvoy Street, Alexandria