Botany Bay Cable Project Environmental Assessment

The Environmental Assessment for the Botany Bay Cable Project is structured in two volumes. Volume One is the main body of the report and Volume Two consists of the various reports carried out to form Volume One.

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Volume One


Chapter Title
Contents Contents, Glossary and Executive Summary (4.5 MB)
Chapter 1 Introduction (233 KB)
Chapter 2 Alternatives considered and project justification (1.5 MB)
Chapter 3 Description of the Project (8.9 MB)
Chapter 4 Consultation (200KB)
Chapter 5 Environmental setting (4.2 MB)
Chapter 6 Key environmental issues (166 KB)
Chapter 7 Assessment of key environmental issues (20.7 MB)
Chapter 8 Assessment of other environmental issues (199 KB)
Chapter 9 Statement of commitments (215 KB)
Chapter 10 References (168 KB)
Appendix A Director-General’s requirements (1.8 MB)
Appendix B Where Director-General’s requirements are dealt with in this Environmental Assessment (182 KB)
Appendix C Details of stakeholder consultation (188 KB)
Appendix D Framework for seagrass management plan (198 KB)
Appendix E Electric and magnetic fields (1.5 MB)


Volume Two


Report Title
Report A Final Transport Assessment Report (2.6 MB)
Report B Construction and Operational Noise Assessment (1.8 MB)
Report C Wave and Hydrodynamic Issues (5.6 MB)
Report D Aquatic Ecology Assessment (2.6 MB)
Report E Terrestrial Ecology Assessment (2.6 MB)
Report F Cultural Heritage Assessment (4.1 MB)
Report G Report on Topography, Soils, Geology and Groundwater (5.6 MB)
Report H Visual Impact Assessment – Part 1 (6.2 MB)
Visual Impact Assessment – Part 2 (2.6 MB)
Visual Impact Assessment – Part 3 (2.2 MB)
Visual Impact Assessment – Part 4 (497 KB)
Visual Impact Assessment – Part 5 (604 KB)
Visual Impact Assessment – Part 6 (738 KB)