City East zone substation development

Ausgrid has approval to build a new zone substation and integrated commercial development on its property at 33 Bligh Street, Sydney.  The project was planned to be completed in stages with the first stage being the demolition of the existing building and the second stage, to construct a new substation and integrated commercial development.

Approval for the first stage of work was granted in July 2011 and the environmental assessment for the second stage stage was displayed from 29 February to 30 March 2012.

Work to demolish the existing building was completed in July 2016. The affected areas in Richard Johnson Square and the driveway in O'Connell Street are still to be permanently reinstated. In July 2016, Ausgrid paid City of Sydney Council to do this work on our behalf. Council will complete this work as part of their works program.

Approval process

This project is being assessed under the former Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. The environmental assessment for stage two work was on public display from 29 February to 30 March 2012. A copy of the report is available below.

 Main Report (4.2MB)
 Appendix A - Concept Approval (with modifications).pdf
 Appendix AA - EMF assessment - City East EMF Assessment, Rev 5, 100217.pdf
 Appendix B - Modified Director-General's Requirements.pdf
 Appendix C - Table of Compliance.pdf
Appendix D - Community consultation .pdf
 Appendix E - Summary of environmental risk analysis.pdf
Appendix F - Draft subdivision plans.pdf
Appendix G - Architectural plans 1.pdf
Appendix G - Architectural plans 2.pdf
Appendix G - Architectural plans 3.pdf
Appendix G - Architectural plans 4.pdf
Appendix H - Architectural design statement.pdf
Appendix I - FSA drawings 1.pdf
Appendix I - FSA drawings 2.pdf
Appendix I - FSA drawings 3.pdf
Appendix J - BCA report.pdf
Appendix K - Fire engineering report.pdf
Appendix L - ESD report.pdf
Appendix M - Noise and vibration assessments.pdf
Appendix N - Traffic impact assessment.pdf
Appendix O - Access report.pdf
Appendix P - Statement of Heritage.pdf
Appendix Q - Non-Indigenous archaeology.pdf
Appendix R - Shadow diagrams.pdf
Appendix S - Solar reflectivity analysis.pdf
Appendix T - Pedestrian wind environment statement.pdf
Appendix U - Wind tunnel tests.pdf
Appendix V - Public domain concept plan 1.pdf
Appendix V - Public domain concept plan 2.pdf
Appendix W - Landscape plan.pdf
Appendix X - Integrated water and infrastructure management plan.pdf
Appendix Y - Operational waste management plan.pdf
Appendix Z - Visual and urban design assessment.pdf

 The environmental assessment for stage one works was on public display from Thursday 22 July until Monday 23 August 2010. A copy of the report is available below. 

 Main Report (4.7 MB)
 Appendices A to F (5.4 MB)
 Appendices G to I (5.4 MB)
 Appendix J - Part 1 (4.8 MB)
 Appendix J - Part 2 (7.4 MB)
 Appendix J - Part 3 (5.8 MB)
 Appendix J - Part 4 (2.3 MB)
 Appendix J - Part 5 (3.3 MB)
 Appendix J - Part 6 (6.6 MB)
 Appendix J - Part 7 (7.7 MB)

Project Approval

Approval for stage one of the project was granted in July 2011. Approval for stage two of the project was granted in December 2012. Please see below for the Conditions of Approval.

 Conditions of Approval - Stage one

 Conditions of Approval - Stage two

Further information 

If you would like further information about the new City East substation project, please contact Ausgrid's major projects team:
Phone: 1800 006 549
Post: "City East substation project"
GPO Box 4009