Ku ring gai substation renewal project

 Ku-ring-gai new substation building impression

Ausgrid is replacing equipment at its Ku-ring-gai substation, located at 17 Larnock Avenue in Pymble, as part of plans to maintain a safe and reliable power supply to Sydney's North Shore.  Construction of the new substation building is now completed and electrical fit out of the substation is ongoing.

Project need

Ausgrid has constructed a new substation building to house equipment known as switchgear. This project enables the existing switchgear in the substation’s yard to be replaced with the latest technology equivalent in the new building. Once the new equipment is in service, the redundant section of the old outdoor switchgear would be retired from service and removed from the site. The existing substation was commissioned in 1962 and supplies electricity to about 47,000 homes and businesses on the North Shore. In addition to these requirements, there is also a future need for new cable connections into the substation and this will be completed progressively over the next few years.

Project status

Construction progress

  • Construction of the new substation building is complete.
  • Electrical equipment fit out within the substation site is ongoing
  • The new substation infrastructure is being progressively connected to the wider electricity network.

Project approval process

Ausgrid is the approving authority for these works under the NSW Environmental Planning & Assessment Act. As part of the planning and approval process Ausgrid prepared environmental assessments and liaised with councils and other authorities. This environmental assessments consider input from the community, council and any other relevant authorities.

Community consultation

Community information displays were held during the planning of this project. Interested members of the community were encouraged to discuss the architectural and landscape designs and provide feedback on a preferred design and exterior finish.

Ausgrid welcomes any comments or questions at any time during the project (see contact details at right).

What to expect during construction

Like any construction work, the project involves noise and dust, and potential temporary traffic and parking disruptions near to the substation, which we would work to minimise as much as possible.

Construction hours

Normal construction hours are between 7am and 6pm on weekdays and between 8am and 1pm on Saturdays. Work may be occasionally be planned outside of these hours, such to meet traffic requirements for large delivery vehicles. Ausgrid will notify neighbours in advance of any wok planned after normal construction hours.