Rozelle substation upgrade

Ausgrid is planning to upgrade its existing substation located on Manning Street, Rozelle.

The upgrade will include construction of a new building to house new electrical equipment and replacing one of the two transformers on site. Two transformer bays will also be built to contain the existing and replacement transformer.

Project need

Substations such as the one on Manning Street are known as subtransmission substations and are part of the power supply chain that delivers power from where it is generated to electricity users.

Subtransmission substations distribute power to our zone substations at 132,000 and 33,000 Volts. Smaller substations, such as the ones you may have seen in large green boxes by the side of street then convert the power to voltages suitable for use in homes and businesses. 

All substations house transformers to convert electricity to lower voltages and switching gear that allows us to safely operate and maintain the electricity network.

Project status

Ausgrid has recently consulted the local community on two proposed design concepts. Based on community feedback a preferred design has been selected, and Ausgrid is now working on the detailed design. The next stage of this project will involve developing and presenting the environmental assessment (REF).


Ausgrid's timeline of Rozelle substation project

Community involvement

The first stage of community consultation was focused on allowing the community to select a building design that fits in with the local area. Two community newsletters have been issued in March and June 2018. The latest newsletter is available for download to the right of this webpage.

A community information session was held on Monday 19 March where the community were able to learn more about the project, view buildings designs in more detail and meet the project team.

The next stage of community consultation will take place during the display of the Environmental Assessment (REF). This is planned to take place in early 2019. The community will be invited to view the REF document and provide feedback.

All community feedback is considered by the project team as part of the process to ensure the new building fits in well with the local environment and to impacts during construction. To find out more or provide feedback to Ausgrid, please get in touch via the contacts on the right of this page.

Project approval process and environmental assessment

Under the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, Ausgrid is the consent authority for this project.

As part of this process, an environmental assessment known as a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) will be prepared. This process involves preparing specialist studies and collecting input from the community, councils and other authorities.

The REF will be placed on exhibition at several locations and the community will be invited to make submissions. Properties close to the substation will receive a newsletter with further details on this process.

Following the REF exhibition, Ausgrid will review all submissions and prepare a report. Ausgrid will then determine the project for approval based on information contained in the REF, the specialist reports and other relevant documents.