Surry Hills substation project

Surry Hill zone substation 
Ausgrid is upgrading the Surry Hills zone substation on the corner of Riley Street and Lansdowne Street.

Project need

Like many substations in the eastern suburbs area, Surry Hills zone substation was constructed in the early 1960s. The existing 11,000 volt electrical equipment, known as switchgear, requires replacement as it is more than 50 years old. This will allow Ausgrid to continue providing a reliable supply to the surrounding neighbourhood.

Project overview

There are three groups of switchgear to be replaced as part of this project. The work is being completed over three stages to enable Ausgrid to maintain electrical supply to the nearby suburbs. Most work is taking place within the substation but there will be some activities required to connect existing underground cables. This will involve excavation in surrounding streets and work in excavated pits (joint bays) to connect to the existing network cables. After this work has been completed, Ausgrid will backfill and restore the affected areas in consultation with Council.

Key dates

Ausgrid has completed the first stage, with internal substation work ongoing. The following two stages will take approximately one year each, with the full upgrade of the substation completed in early 2020.

Project approval process

Ausgrid is the approving authority for these works under the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979. As part of the planning and approval process, an environmental assessment is being prepared which involves input from community members, council and other authorities.

What to expect during construction

Like any construction work, the project would involve noise and dust, and temporary traffic and parking disruptions, which we would work to reduce as much as possible. Any potential impacts are assessed as part of an environmental assessment and measures would  be put in place to minimise impacts on the local environment.