Review of Environmental Factors

Ausgrid is replacing 132,000 Volt underground cables between Top Ryde and Wentworth Point via our Meadowbank substation.

The Review of Environmental Factors (REF) was displayed from Friday 17 June to  Friday 22 July 2016. Please click on the links below to view the REF documents.

Section Title
Top  Ryde to Wentworth Point REF                 Main document
Appendix A Cable route
Appendix B a Community newsletter 1
Appendix B b Community newsletter 2
Appendix B c Community newsletter 3
 Appendix B d
 Community newsletter 4
Appendix C EMF assessment
Appendix D See page 107 of main REF document above
Appendix E Waste classification, contamination, geotech investigation
Appendix F EMP for Walker Street, Rhodes
Appendix G a Statement of heritage impact - Victoria Road
Appendix G b Statement of heritage impact - old Meadowbank Rail Bridge
Appendix G c
Statement of heritage impact - Section 57 exemption