ASP Level 3

News and information for Level 3 Accredited Service Providers (ASP/3s) and Ausgrid Authorised Designers

  • ASP/3 means a person accredited under the Accreditation Scheme to design electricity reticulation assets.
  • Accreditation Scheme means the scheme administered by New South Wales Trade and Investment in accordance with the Electricity Supply (General) Regulation 2001 (NSW).
  • Authorised Designer means a person employed by an accredited ASP/3 and authorised by Ausgrid to access information and submit contestable designs for electricity reticulation assets in Ausgrid’s network area.

Contestable Connection Process

Contestable connections and relocation projects follow a process shown in a one page flowchart.  This process is relevant for connections up to 11kV, including street lighting and the majority of asset relocations.  

ASP/3 News

Please refer to ASP/3 News for all newsletters issued to date. 

Contract for Design Related Services (CDRS)

Please refer to Contracts and Deeds for the CDRS.

Design Information

The following design information documents enables Ausgrid Authorised Designers to prepare and submit proposed design scopes and designs to meet the requirements of Ausgrid.  Please contact your Contestable Connections Project Coordinator if you require additional information.

We recognise the importance of engaging with our stakeholders on a regular basis.  The next ASP/3 seminar is proposed for the end of 2017.  A formal invitation will be sent to all Ausgrid Authorised Designers.

Documentation provided at previous seminars, workshops and face to face meetings is available in the ASP/3 archive.  If you require information on past or future seminars, please contact us.