2014 General Information Notices archive

General Information Notices for 2014.

GI01_14 Introduction of accumulation metering

GI02_14 Actions for not lodging NOSWs in time

GI03_14 Service testing requirements AS4741

GI06_14 Information on LV shorts course

GI07_14 Increase to Ausgrids fees for ancillary network services as of 1 July 2014

GI08_14 Misuse of Ausgrids brand name

GI09_14 Ausgrids statement of business ethics and code of conduct

GI10_14 ASP authorisation agreement honeymoon period expires

GI11_14 LV service data provided on NOSWs

GI12_14 Editable PDF forms on Ausgrids website

GI13_14 Hot work and total fire bans

GI14_14 Application of OH LV short circuit courses TTDO1653

GI15_14 Summary of sent GI notices in 2014

GI16_14 Scope of EIA worksheet and changes to working hours

GI17_14 Common issues with kiosk substation construction

GI19_14 New version of the ASP1 authorisation agreement

GI19_14 New version of the ASP1 authorisation agreement

2014/GI20_14 Environmental assessments onsite