2015 General Information Notices archive

General Information Notices for 2015.

GI01_15 WHS requirements for safety management plans

GI02_15 ASP3 designers attending initial construction site meeting

GI03_15 Fax and voice mail outage

GI04_15 v2 Training requirements for MIRP joints - information update

Date published

GI05_15 Ausgrid network services price list

GI06_15 Arc flash clothing fact sheet No.2

GI07_15 Ausgrid's Statement of Business Ethics and Code of Conduct

GI08_15 Product recall preformed line products

GI09_15 Ausgrid employee day Sydney

GI10_15 ASP2 Authorisation process change

GI11_15 New timber pole specifications for Networks NSW

GI12_15 Shorting and sealing of cables and conduits

GI13_15 Building sustainable community relationships

GI14_15 EIO to assist in level 2 ASP service works associated with storm restoration activities

GI15_15 Upfront metering equipment fees

GI16_15 Ausgrid publicised documentation

GI17_15 AER determination 2015-19 and ANS fees ASP1

GI18_15 AER determination 2015-19 and ANS fees ASP2

GI20_15 New ASP content available on Ausgrids website

GI21_15 Changes to ASP1 Authorisation Interviews

GI22_15 ASP2 Requesting an ESI Skills Passport

Download the notice and attached ESI Skills Passport request form.

GI23_15 Poles pillars street light data capture process

Requirements to submit data capture sheets for assets being built as part of
Level 1 contestable projects.

GI24_15 Standard customer outage times

GI25_15 Late or No submission of NOSWs

GI26_15 29 September 2015 temporary Ausgrid depot closures

GI27_15 Work site signage requirements

GI28_15 Total Fire Bans and Hot work reminder

Date published

GI29_15 New requirements for Asbestos Waste

Date published

GI30_15 Planned outage notification process reminder

Date published

GI30_15 v2 Planned outage notification process reminder

Date published

GI31_15 NSW ASP incident sharing

Date published

GI32_15 Ausgrid employee day (Newcastle)

Date published

GI33_15 Commissioning checks when installing metering equipment

Date published

GI34_15 ASP comments for NS181 material approvals

Date published

GI35_15 Requirement for ASP2s to complete UETTDRRF11A

Date published

GI36_15 New Model Standing Offers

Date published

GI37_15 Review of Ausgrid's connection application forms

Date published

GI38_15 Amendment to Ausgrid ASP1 Project Planning forms

Date published