2014 Safety Alert Archive

See below for a list of ASP Safety alerts released in 2014.

SA01 Requirements of NS161 for new or modified cable installations

SA02 Multiple UGOH electric shock incidents

SA03 LV ABC identification and connection process

SA04 Gas main strike

SA05 Controlled release of overhead mains

SA06 Multiple cable strike incidents

SA07 National infinity electrical cable safety recall

SA08 4 LV aluminium stranded cables

SA09 Ensure the correct cumalong is used for the conductor type

SA10 Requirements for preventing unauthorised access during construction

SA11 Requirements for a safe work environment when working near existing services

SA12 ASP1 incident involving overhead low voltage shorts

SA13 Information on the use of power cutting tools

SA14 Control of conductors revision 4

SA15 Uncontrolled lowering of overhead streetlight conductors

SA16 Summary of safety alerts sent in 2014