Ausgrid Aligned Electrical Safety Rules training

The following list is provided to ASPs to help identify registered training organisations (RTOs) who are currently accredited by Ausgrid to deliver company aligned Electrical Safety Rules (ESR) training. Listed RTOs have satisfactorily addressed all of Ausgrid’s learning outcomes associated with delivery of Ausgrid aligned ESR training.

  • Please note that all ASPs must undertake initial ESR training via Ausgrid’s Training group. Ausgrid will not recognise for authorisation purposes, ESR initial training delivered by a 3rd party RTO.
  • Further, ASP/1s must undertake ESR refresher training via Ausgrid’s Training group, whilst ASP/2s may choose either Ausgrid or an Ausgrid accredited 3rd party RTO as listed below.
  • Ausgrid will not recognise ESR refresher training delivered by any company who was not accredited by Ausgrid at the time of training delivery.
  • Ausgrid does not warrant the performance of listed 3rd party RTOs. Inclusion or order on the list does not imply competency or capability beyond Ausgrid’s base requirements, nor does it imply any comment on the business skills and practices or quality of these companies.

Inclusion on the list is subject to continued endorsement by the Manager Electrical Safety & Authorisations, Ausgrid.

 Company RTO Status ESR Training Type Contact Details
Ausgrid Training Group  Ausgrid Initial and Refresher
02 8745 1561
or 02 4951 0853
IAC Safety Services  3rd Party ASP 2 Refresher only 1300 887 317
TAFE NSW - Hunter Institute  3rd Party ASP 2 Refresher only
131 225

Note – indicated order is purely alphabetical and should not be construed as implying a preference of one supplier over another.