Demand management projects

When network reviews indicate that a network need for an asset replacement or network expansion investment is required, Ausgrid will investigate and where viable, develop and implement demand management projects to maintain network reliability standards.  

In 2015-16, we undertook a comprehensive assessment of all growth driven projects to determine if a non-network option could provide a cost effective deferral. In a period of declining electricity demand, there are fewer growth driven projects and so fewer opportunities to defer investment with demand management. In our review of growth driven projects, we did not identify any potential deferral opportunities due to low cost grid solutions offering the least cost option.

For all projects where the  network expansion component of any credible network options have a capital cost in excess of $5 million, the Regulatory Investment Test for Distributors (RIT-D) process will be followed to assess demand management solutions. All RIT-D consultations and reports are published
here. For projects with a capital cost less than $5 million a different simplified process is followed and reports are published below. 

For more information on each stage of the demand management investigation, our approach and associated processes for engaging with stakeholders, customers and demand management providers on the supply of demand side solutions for the Ausgrid network refer to our  
Demand Management Engagement Document.  

Projects to have demand management potential
A number of projects had positive screening tests and detailed investigations into potential demand management solutions were carried out. The screening test is a desktop study used to establish Ausgrid’s expectation of whether Demand Management options are technically and economically feasible.  These projects are now all closed. Reports can be downloaded by clicking on the project names found here.