Demand Management projects

Projects to have demand management potential

The following projects had positive screening tests and detailed investigations into potential demand management solutions were carried out. The screening test is a desktop study used to establish Ausgrid’s expectation of whether Demand Management options are technically and economically feasible.  These projects are now all closed. Reports can be downloaded by clicking on the project name below. 

Arncliffe to Rockdale Load Transfer

The Arncliffe area includes Bardwell Valley, Bardwell Park, Turrella, Arncliffe, Wolli Creek, and Kyeemagh.

Arncliffe Zone Substation Network Area Map

Arncliffe Zone Substation Network Area

The targeted area is supplied by Arncliffe zone substation (ZS). The load consists of major residential, some retail and commercial customers, with characteristic peak demand events occurring during summer evenings.

An area study conducted in December 2012, indicated that a capacity constraint was expected to occur in summer 2013/14 at Arncliffe ZS. The preferred supply side option was to transfer 3MVA load from Arncliffe to Rockdale. This project, which includes 11kV feeder works, was proposed to be commissioned in September 2013. The estimated cost of this project was $2.69 million.

Ausgrid carried out an investigation of the non-network options in the Arncliffe area in 2012/13. It was found that the first year of required demand reduction had already been achieved through changes in business activity in the area. A cost-effective non-network solution was found which can potentially defer the load transfer by two (2) or more years. The results of this investigation can be found here.

The most recent spatial demand forecast published in 2013 has indicated that the need for a supply side solution has been delayed to 2015/16. Implementation of the non-network solution is planned to begin one year before the constraint is likely to occur, which is 2014/15.

Maitland Zone Substation

The area supplied by the old Maitland Central zone substation (ZS) includes residential, commercial and rural loads. 

Maitland Central Network Area Map

Maitland Central Network Area

Maitland Central ZS was due for replacement or a refurbishment by 2013, based on the condition of some equipment and it was also forecast to exceed licence capacity by summer 2012/13.

The preferred network solution was to build a new Maitland ZS. A non-network solution was sought to find the most cost-effective solution and the resulting investigation report (with screening test attached) can be found here.

The investigation concluded that installation of up to 1.2MVA of generation at a customer site in Maitland could cost effectively defer the development of Maitland ZS by 2 years. However, due to the age and condition of some equipment, the replacement of Maitland ZS was advanced to 2012, therefore removing the opportunity for deferral with demand reductions.

Medowie Zone Substation

The Williamtown/Medowie load area, located south of Port Stephens, includes the suburbs of Medowie, Campvale and Williamtown, and is supplied by Williamtown zone substation (ZS). The area is large and characterised by small townships, featuring low and medium density housing separated by national parks and undeveloped land. Williamtown Airport, which provides domestic airline services for the Newcastle region, is also located in this area.

Port Stephens Network Area Map

Port Stephens Network Area

Demand in the Medowie load area under peak conditions exceeded 12MVA in 2010. The 11kV supply to the area at the time was constrained under system normal conditions. Significant load growth was also expected as further residential subdivisions were proposed for the Medowie load area. The preferred network solution is the construction of a new Medowie ZS.

A demand management (DM) screening test completed in September 2010 concluded that it was not considered reasonable to expect that it would be cost-effective to postpone the building of a new 33/11kV ZS at Medowie. However, it was found to be cost effective to reduce the load above the licence level of two 11kV feeders (34989 & 34983) prior to commissioning of the new ZS. The investigation report can be found here.

Ausgrid successfully reduced the load at risk by 5.062MVA in summer 2011/12 and summer 2012/13 (by 93% and 92% respectively).

It was found that reinstating a single relocatable generator on the site could cost effectively achieve sufficient peak demand reduction to completely remove load above the licence level in summer 2013/14. An additional benefit expected from the installation of generation is the improved opportunities for switching the network around if unplanned outages occur or planned outages are needed for work.

A project close-out report will be developed in coming months to reflect on the benefits of having completed this project and any lessons learnt.

Metford Zone Substation

The East Maitland load area includes the suburbs of East Maitland, Metford, Morpeth and Ashtonfield and is supplied by East Maitland zone substation (ZS). The area is characterised by residential, commercial and rural loads.

East Maitland Network Area Map

East Maitland Network Area

In order to address duty of care issues, reliability issues and capacity constraints at East Maitland ZS, a new 33kV Metford ZS was proposed at a cost of approximately $20 million. 

A demand management (DM) screening test completed in November 2010 concluded that it is not reasonable to expect that it would be cost-effective to postpone the proposed Metford ZS. However, it was found to be reasonable to expect that DM could cost-effectively reduce the load above the licence level at East Maitland ZS prior to commissioning of the new ZS. 

An investigation found that a power factor correction program and a relocatable generator could cost-effectively reduce peak demand to eliminate all load at risk in summer 2011/12 and significantly reduce load at risk in summer 2012/13. Implementing this DM project was predicted to save approximately $1 million in avoided distribution costs.

Metford Proposed Generator Site Image

Metford Proposed Generator Site

Due to a combination of a delay in load increase from a major customer at Thornton ZS and a lower spatial demand forecast, the anticipated load above license in 2011/12 reduced to zero. The planned DM solution was therefore not required to progress into implementation. An updated screening test was conducted to formalise the decision.

The research conducted in developing this DM project will be useful in estimating future DM opportunities in the East Maitland area.