Demand Side Engagement

Ausgrid’s Demand Side Engagement Register is a register of our stakeholders who are interested in being notified of developments in relation to Ausgrid’s distribution network planning and expansion. The Register can help you stay informed about when, where and how Ausgrid invests in the network and how non-network alternatives can contribute.

Those registered will receive updates on our Distribution and Transmission Annual Planning Review and information related to proposed network investments including screening tests, non-network options reports, and draft and final project assessments reports.

You also have the option to subscribe to our quarterly Demand Management e-newsletter which will provide updates on upcoming network needs, latest releases of customer energy use data and results from Ausgrid’s demand management innovation and customer energy use research.

If you are interested in staying informed about Ausgrid’s network planning and demand management activities, please select ‘New’ for type of registrant and fill in the form below. If you are already registered and need to update your details select ‘Existing’ for type of registrant and fill in the form below.

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