Ausgrid invests in research and analysis to better understand how and when energy is used and ways to save or generate energy.  Understanding how we use energy is an important first step in reducing energy use and savings on energy bills and reducing costs for customers. It allows Ausgrid to seek new and better ways to discover and deliver more efficient demand management solutions to defer network investments.  

Click on the categories below to learn more about our energy research and download research reports. 

Demand management


Find out why demand management is an important part of efficient and sustainable network operations.

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Energy efficiency

reverse cycle airconditioner star rating

We share with you our reports and analysis that measure the savings from common energy efficient appliances and conservation actions.

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Energy use

Energy use wheel

Lean more about customer energy use patterns and energy use.


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Solar and embedded generation

Solar Power Rooftop

Learn more about the costs and benefits for alternative and renewable embedded generation resources such as solar.


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