Energy efficiency and conservation resources

Using energy more wisely helps to reduce your energy bills and the impact on the environment. That’s why Ausgrid provides information on how customers can save energy through energy efficiency and conservation. See our Ways to Save.

To ensure that our advice to the community is accurate and relevant, we regularly investigate and assess energy efficiency appliances and devices. Some of the reports and summaries from our investigations are available below.


Rheem gas boost loline

Hot water is the largest energy user in most households, so an efficient hot water system such as solar hot water is a great way to save energy and energy costs.

Smart home energy use study

The report provides an overview of the Smart Home's energy performance over about a 12 month period. The Newington Smart Home was established to trial new energy and water efficient technologies.

BASIX Energy Monitoring Report 2007 - 2009

Ausgrid and the NSW Department of Planning
Monitoring and evaluation study of completed BASIX compliant homes to assess the level of energy savings achieved.
To facilitate this study, Ausgrid cross-matched electricity consumption information from billing data with de-identified BASIX certificates from the Department of Planning. The results of this study are used by Ausgrid for demand management and energy conservation plans and policies, and to help the Department of Planning to assess how BASIX is delivering on its sustainability objectives.

Small business lighting retrofit program

Summary report of small business lighting retrofit program.

DMPP Rockdale Gardens - Interior Light Level Study – Megaman Compact Reflector GU10

Performance Assessment of the Megaman GU10 compact fluorescent lamp.