Energy use resources

Understanding how and where we use energy is important in identifying ways to save energy. That’s why Ausgrid measures and analyses the electricity use by everything from individual appliances such as refrigerators and hot water heaters to entire households and local government areas.

Studying energy use trends can help in identifying ways to save on bills, devising improved demand management solutions, and informing policy makers when developing new programs to manage energy and greenhouse.

We regularly share electricity use data by local government areas supplied by Ausgrid.  You can download the data here

Reports and summaries from our investigations are available below. 

Energy Efficiency Centre

Paul Myors at the Energy Efficiency Centre with a group of school students.

Household energy bills study 2011-12

Analysis of electricity and gas bills for typical households in Sydney and Melbourne.
The analysis showed that for the financial year 2011/12, small to medium users of electricity are more likely to pay less in Sydney on their electricity bills than in Melbourne. While large electricity users are more likely to play less in Melbourne than Sydney.

Multi Unit Residential Buildings - Energy & Peak Demand Study

Ausgrid (formerly known as EnergyAustralia) and NSW Department of Infrastructure, Planning & Natural Resources
An examination of energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and electricity demand in multi-unit residential buildings, and comparison to other residential building types.

Study of Factors Influencing Electricity Use in Newington

Institute for Sustainable Futures – University of Technology Sydney
An examination of the reasons for differences in household electricity consumption and demand in a group of similar medium density residences at Newington.