Along with 15 other electricity networks in Australia, and the Institute of Sustainable Futures at University of Technology Sydney, Ausgrid has helped to develop an online mapping tool to inform the community about proposed network investments and assist in identifying opportunities for demand management to defer investment.  

The network opportunity maps cover all networks in the National Electricity Market and provide an online, publicly available visualisation of available network capacity, proposed investment and potential deferral values for each network.


The information for Ausgrid currently detailed in the maps is per our 2014 Distribution & Transmission Annual Planning Review (DTAPR).   Following the completion of our annual planning review in December, an updated DTAPR will be published on our website and the maps will be updated to reflect the latest information.  

These maps are a valuable tool in communicating network needs and complement other efforts to identify non-network solutions such as the Regulatory Investment Test for Distributors (RIT-D) our Demand Side Engagement Document and the Demand Side Engagement Register.

The bulk of Ausgrid's network needs are currently associated with the need to retire aged assets. This is because of the decline in customer energy use over the past seven years, which means there is ample capacity on the Ausgrid network. Information on available capacity and projected network needs are displayed on the maps.  If you have any questions about the information contained in the maps or Ausgrid's demand management activities, please contact us at

The mapping data is hosted on the Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure platform, which is also being developed with funding support from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. Access to the maps is found on the Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure website.