What is demand management?

  • Demand Management is an important part of efficient and sustainable network operations 
  • Effective use of demand management reduces the cost to maintain the network and
  • Helps lower electricity charges for the entire community

When the demand for electricity at peak times approaches the capacity of network infrastructure, we must act to maintain reliable electricity supply to customers. Reliable electricity supply to customers can be maintained by either increasing the network capacity (supply side management) or reducing the peak electricity demand on the network (demand side management).

Demand management can involve either the voluntary moderation of customer electricity demand at peak times or the supply of electricity from generators and storage batteries connected at customer’s premises or to the distribution network. Effective network investment considering demand management is used for both replacement of aged network assets and network expansion due to growth in demand.

We continue to explore new and innovative ways to reduce peak demand for deferral of investment.  These trials form part of our demand management innovation program.  Visit our innovation research and trials to find out more.   

For more information on our strategy, approach and associated processes for engaging with stakeholders, customers and demand management providers on the supply of demand side solutions for the
Ausgrid network refer to our
  Demand Side Engagement Document.  

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To contact Ausgrid’s Demand Management team, email: demandmanagement@ausgrid.com.au 
or write to us at: Ausgrid, GPO Box 4009, Sydney NSW 2001, Attention: Manager Demand Management.