Contracts and Deeds

Ausgrid has developed a number of standard proforma contract and deeds for managing its relation with our customers when providing network services. This includes services relating to design, connection and relocations.

Easements and leases

Below are a collection of easement and lease forms. 
To avoid unnecessary delays, please ensure that your deed signatory meets the criteria set out in the signing instructions

Model Standard Offers for connecting to the network

Ausgrid standards connection contracts can be found in the Model Standing Offers section.

Embedded Generators connection for large generators

This connection agreement is currently under review. This version is being provided for reference until the new agreement is finished. New agreements will be made using the new version.

  • Generator connection agreement
    This Agreement is a connection agreement for the purposes of Chapter 5 of the Rules. It sets out the terms on which Ausgrid will provide Network Services to the Generator to enable the Generating Facilities to be and remain connected to Ausgrid's Distribution System.

  • Generator connection Terms and Conditions
    This document is to be read in conjunction with the "Generator Connection Agreement: Instrument of Agreement" entered into between Ausgrid and the Generator (Instrument of Agreement).

Contract for Design Related Services (CDRS)

  • CDRS 
    This is a contract between Ausgrid and a Customer who retains an ASP/3 to design electricity assets that will form part of Ausgrid's distribution system. The contract sets out the terms and conditions on which Ausgrid will provide Design Related Services to the Customer and their ASP/3 and will Certify the ASP/3's design as suitable for use in the construction and installation to expand or alter the Distribution Network.

    The contract now includes editable form fields. Download a copy to edit.

    Published: May 2017

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