Network standards

Network Standards outline compulsory procedures for persons working on or near Ausgrid's distribution network. Ausgrid will rewrite standards from time to time or make amendments using CIA documents or NSA documents.

pdf NS100 Field Recording of Network Assets
Details the procedure that must be followed when recording site specific details on Field Recording Sheets.

For a full list of accompanying templates please click here.
pdf NSA1909A (17/10/2016)
pdf NS100 Annexure C NS100 External Annexure C - Field Recording of Network Assets - Cable Codes & Nomenclature
Specification for cable codes and associated nomenclature
pdf NSA1958 (11/07/2018)
pdf NS102 Working on Poles with Mobile Phone Transmitter Installations
NS102 details the correct procedures to ensure work may be completed safely
and efficiently on Ausgrid poles or street lighting columns where mobile phone transmitter
installations are installed.
pdf NSA1835 (29/06/2015)
pdf NS104 Specification for Electrical Network Project Design Plans
Ausgrid’s specification for Network Project Design Plans
pdf NSA1908 (16/09/2016)
pdf NS109 Design Standards for Overhead Supply Developments and Distribution Centres
Outlines the installation requirements for the provision of distribution centres and the electricity reticulation systems in overhead supplied developments.
Detailed design of electricity reticulation systems depends on assessed maximum demands,building and street layouts, street lighting requirements and other local factors. The design information and parameters specified in this Network Standard provide for minimum acceptable standards. Any deviations from this specification must be submitted to Ausgrid for approval before they are implemented.
pdf NSA1917 (25/10/2016)
pdf NS110 Design and Construction Standard for URDs
Provides the design and construction criteria for 400V and 11kV reticulation systems in Underground Residential Distribution (URD) estates situated within the supply area of Ausgrid.
pdf NSA1865 (28/10/2015)
pdf NS112 Design Standards for Industrial and Commercial Developments
Details design criteria for 415V and 11kV reticulation systems and for street lighting in commercial and industrial developments
pdf NSA1866 (27/10/2015)
pdf NS113 Site Selection and Construction Design Requirements for Chamber Substations
Provides minimum site selection, building design and construction requirements for the establishment of new Chamber Substations with ratings up to and including 4.5 MVA. Applies to Surface, Elevated, Upper Level and Basement Chamber Substations, Control Point Chambers and Chambers for High Voltage Customer Connections.
Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NSA1899 (27/06/2016)
pdf NS114 Electrical Design and Construction Standards for Chamber Type Substations
Details the criteria for electrical design of chamber type distribution substations
Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NS114 Annexure D (13/03/2007) pdf NSA1953 (14/05/2018)
pdf NS114 Annexure D Merlin Gerin - Ausgrid Chamber Substation indoor switchgear - installation, operation and maintenance instructions - Feb 2009
pdf NS116 Design Standards for Distribution Equipment Earthing
Provides the criteria for earthing of distribution substations to be connected to Ausgrid’s network.
Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NSA1950 (20/03/2018)
pdf NS117 Design and Construction Standards for Kiosk Type Substations
The kiosk substations specified in this Network Standard are the current L and K types. These
types are for installation throughout Ausgrid’s network, subject to the limitations indicated in
this Network Standard and NS109, NS112 and NS141. Kiosk designs and materials must
comply with Ausgrid standards and specifications.
Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NSA1954 (16/05/2018)
pdf NS119 Street Lighting Design and Construction
Provides the design criteria for street and other lighting.
Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NSA1922 (9/02/2017)
pdf NS122  Pole Mounted Substation Site Selection and Construction
Details the requirements for site selection and construction of pole mounted substations used for the reticulation of electricity to domestic, commercial and industrial customers supplied by Ausgrid.
Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NSA1955 (22/05/2018)
pdf NS124 Specification for Overhead Service Connections up to 400 Amps
NS 124 provides the requirements for the erection and connection of overhead service cables, up to and including nominal 400 Amps in Ausgrid’s supply area.
Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NSA1801 (18/05/2015)
pdf NS125 Construction of Low Voltage Overhead Mains
Details the fittings and installation of LV ABC
Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NSA1874 (1/12/2015)
pdf NS126 Construction of High Voltage Overhead Mains

Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NSA1812 (11/06/2015)
pdf NS127 Specification for Low Voltage Cable Joints and Terminations
This Network Standard specifies Ausgrid's construction requirements for Low Voltage (LV)
cable joints, terminations, and LV Underground to Overhead (UGOH) Connections.
pdf NSA1927 (1/06/2017)
pdf NS128 Specification for Pole Installation and Removal
Details the requirements for positioning, handling and removal of poles
Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NSA1823 (24/06/2015)
pdf NS129 11kV Joints and Terminations - Paper Insulated Lead Covered Cables
Details a number of 11kV PILC cable joints and terminations
Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NSA1957 (20/06/2018)
pdf NS130 Specification for Laying Underground Cables up to and Including 11kV
Network Standard NS 130 provides the requirements for trenching, laying and reinstatement of underground conduits and cables, for distribution circuits up to and including a nominal 11kV in Ausgrid’s supply area. Refer to NS168 for underground subtransmission cables above 11kV.
Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NSA1911 (30/09/2016)
pdf NS135 Specification for the Construction of Overhead Sub-transmission Lines
Specifies the requirement for the design and construction of overhead sub-transmission lines for use on the Ausgrid network.
Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NSA1834 (25/06/2015)
pdf NS136 Assessment and Management of Low Voltage Parallels
Defines the management process for low voltage parallels within Ausgrid
pdf NSA1856 (16/07/2015)
pdf NS141 Site Selection and Site Preparation Standards for Kiosk Type Substations
Provides the criteria for siting of kiosk distribution substations in all off-street locations, footpath sites and in all areas of Ausgrid.
Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NSA1948 (12/03/2018)
pdf NS143 Easements, Leases and Rights of Way
This Network Standard sets out the basic requirements for property tenure for Ausgrid assets.
Property tenure includes easements, leases and rights of way. Ausgrid assets include substations, overhead mains and underground cables.
pdf NSA1939 (15/09/2017)
pdf NS145 Pole Inspection and Treatment
Describes the inspection, assessment and treatment procedures for timber poles, reinforced poles, concrete poles, steel poles, lighting standards, lightning masts and water crossing sign supports
pdf NSA1936 (4/09/2017)
pdf NS145  External Annexure M - Private Poles in Ausgrid’s Franchise Area
Describes the various poles owned by Rail Corp, Telstra, RTA, Local Councils etc.
pdf NS145 (4/09/2017) pdf NSA1851 (7/07/2015)
pdf NS146 Inspection Procedure for Working on Poles
Describes the decision making process to be used in deciding whether a pole is safe to climb, or to work on from an elevating work platform.
pdf NSA1938 (12/09/2017)
pdf NS148 Overhead Line & Street Lighting Supports, Pits, Pillars, and Ancillary Assets Numbering
Details the allocation and installation of identification labels for overhead line supports, street lighting poles, pits, distribution pillars, and ancillary assets.
pdf NSA1930 (27/06/2017)
pdf NS149 Drawing Content for Chamber Type Substations, Control Points, Cable Risers and Ductlines
Ausgrid’s specification for the minimum content of the design drawing package required by Ausgrid for design of chamber type substations, control points, cable risers and ductlines.
pdf NSA1825 (24/06/2015)
pdf NS156 Working Near or Around Underground Cables
NS 156 provides information on steps must be taken to ensure that work near Ausgrid's network does not reduce the reliability of the electrical network or create safety hazards for Ausgrid’s staff, the public and workers.
pdf NSA1919 (16/12/2016)
pdf NS158 Labelling of Mains and Apparatus
Ausgrid's specification for labelling of mains & apparatus. The second edition of NS 158 makes updates to most sections of the first edition.
pdf NSA1857 (3/08/2015)
pdf NS159 Installation of Cables and Conduits using Trenchless Techniques
Trenchless techniques provide an alternative method to open trenching for the installation of new underground utility services. Trenchless techniques minimise interference with existing features, facilities and traffic, therefore allowing uninterrupted access to property and the continued safe use of the road reserve during construction work.
pdf NSA1947 (28/02/2018)
pdf NS161 Specification for Testing of Underground Cables
Ausgrid's specification for testing pilot, low voltage and high voltage distribution and sub-transmission cable installations
pdf NSA1932 (20/07/2017)
pdf NS162 Specification for the Installation of Communication Cables in Ductlines and Substations - May 2004
Details the requirements for installing third party fibre optic or conductive communications cables in Ausgrid's ductlines and extending them through Ausgrid substations
pdf NSA1337A (27/07/2004)
pdf NS165 Safety Requirements for Non-Electrical Work in and around Live Substations - August 2017
Details the specification and requirements for construction work, including excavation, in Ausgrid's major substations and switching stations.
pdf NSA1934 (25/08/2017)
pdf NS167 Positioning of Poles and Lighting Columns
Covers the requirements and responsibilities for selecting distribution and sub-transmission pole positions and street lighting column positions
pdf NSA1828 (24/06/2015)
pdf NS168 Specification for the Design and Construction of 33kV, 66kV and 132kV Underground Cables
Network Standard NS168 specifies the requirements for the design and construction of 33kV, 66kV and 132kV underground cables for use on the Ausgrid network.
pdf NSA1952 (10/04/2018)
pdf NS169 Telecommunications Installations on Ausgrid HV Transmission Towers - Sep 2004
This NS specifies the technical requirements for the attachment of telecommunications installations to high voltage steel transmission towers
pdf NS171 Firestopping in Substations
Details Ausgrid’s specification and requirements for the installation of firestopping materials in openings in substation walls, floors and ceilings.
Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NSA1925 (28/04/2017)
pdf NS172 Design Requirements for Cable Jointing Pits and Vaults
NS172 describes the design requirements for power cable jointing pits and vaults. For communication pits, refer to NS204 Communications Pits - specifications and Installation Guidelines.
Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NSA1888 (17/03/2016)
pdf NS174 Environmental Procedures
Outlines the environmental procedures to be adopted by all personnel involved in the construction, maintenance and operation of Ausgrid’s network.
pdf NSA1913 (12/10/2016)
pdf NS174 A Summary Environmental Report
pdf NS174 B Environment Procedures Suupplementary Notes - EIA Guidelines
pdf NS174 C Environmental Handbook for Construction and Maintenance
pdf NS177 11kV Joints (including Transition Joints) & Terminations -Polymeric Insulated Cables
Specifies the requirements for making joints and terminations on 11,000 Volts polymeric insulated cables in Ausgrid’s supply area. This Standard also specifies the requirements for transition joints from polymeric insulated cables to paper insulated lead covered (PILC) cables.
Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NSA1951 (4/04/2018)
pdf NS178 Secondary System Requirements for Major Substations, Apr 2008
Covers the planning and design requirements for metering and indication for sub-transmission feeders, sub-transmission substations and zone substations - and replaces NS 178 of January 2004
pdf NSA1667 (3/09/2012) pdf NS178 Metering Only (3/09/2012)
pdf NS178 Metering Secondary System Requirements for Major Substations (Metering Only), September 2012
pdf NSA1667 (3/09/2012) pdf NS178 (9/04/2008)
pdf NS179 Vegetation Management
To define Ausgrid’s requirements regarding management of vegetation in the vicinity of Ausgrid’s network assets.
Specifically for Urban low voltage overhead mains this document contains Ausgrid’s requirements for addressing vegetation management near these assets in a manner which balances network risk and community expectations with an aim to minimise vegetation cutting wherever the vegetation risk can be managed to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable.
pdf NSA1942 (21/09/2017)
pdf NS181 Approval of Materials and Equipment, and Network Standard Variations
The purpose of the Network Standard is to define Ausgrid’s requirements regarding the inclusion of materials and equipment in Ausgrid’s Approved Materials List initiated either by Ausgrid’s internal procurement processes or by the assessment of alternative materials and equipment proposed by ASP’s or contractors. In addition the network standard provides requirements for the assessment and approval of variations to Network Standards.
pdf NSA1916 (20/10/2016) pdf Request for Approval of Alternative Materials and Equipment Form (29/11/2016) pdf Request for Approval of Network Standard Variation Form (29/11/2016) pdf NS181 approved material list June 2018 (1/06/2018)
pdf NS183 Installation of Private Attachments on Ausgrid Poles
Details the procedures required to ensure that proposals to install third party attachments on Ausgrid's power poles and lighting columns are properly handled and comply with Ausgrid standards.
pdf NSA1912 (7/10/2016)
pdf NS185 Major Substations Building Design Standard
NS185 details the performance and design criteria for the architectural and structural design of buildings for Major Substations with the voltages of 132kV, 66kV, 33kV and 11kV.
pdf NSA1906A (29/08/2016)
pdf NS186 Major Substations Civil Works Design Standard
NS186 details the performance and design criteria for the civil works design of Major Substations with the voltages of 132kV, 66kV, 33kV and 11kV.
pdf NSA1907 Minor Update (15/09/2016)
pdf NS187 Passive Fire Mitigation Design of Substations, March 2017
Details Ausgrid’s minimum requirements for passive fire protection systems needed to provide protection of Ausgrid’s substations.
pdf NSA1926 (16/05/2017)
pdf NS188 Design for Substation Overpressure
Details the design requirements for the management of substation overpressures resulting from arc faults and deflagrations
pdf NSA1838 (29/06/2015)
pdf NS189 Oil Containment for Major Substations
Details the general requirements for oil containment in major substations.
pdf NSA1945 (6/11/2017)
pdf NS190 Oil Containment Operational Requirements for Major Substations
Details the general requirements for the operation of oil containment systems at major substations
pdf NSA1944 (26/10/2017)
pdf NS191 Batteries & Battery Chargers in Major Substations
Details 110 V battery and battery charger systems within new Major Substations consisting of Sub-transmission and Zone Substations.
pdf NSA1854 (9/07/2015)
pdf NS194 Protection Requirements of Embedded Generators >30kW, December 2013
Outlines the requirements an Embedded Generator should fulfil when connecting to the Ausgrid’s network
pdf NSA1746 (21/01/2014)
pdf NS194A Inverter Energy Systems up to 200kVA Connected to the Ausgrid Low Voltage Distribution System
NS194A outlines Ausgrid’s requirements for the connection of inverter energy systems to Ausgrid’s low voltage distribution system up to and including a total nameplate installation capacity of 200kVA.
pdf NSA1935 (30/08/2017)
pdf NS194B Ausgrid Network Standard, NS194B, Guidelines for Rotating Machines Connected to the Ausgrid Network
pdf NSA1772 (30/09/2014)
pdf NS195 High Voltage Customer Connections (HVCs)
NS 195 outlines the requirements of a high voltage customer connection to Ausgrid’s Distribution System
Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NSA1826 (24/06/2015)
pdf NS196 Mobile Generators
Details the requirements for the connection and operation of Mobile Generators on Ausgrid's network
pdf NSA1920 (23/12/2016)
pdf NS199 Safe Electrical Work on Low Voltage Underground Assets
Outlines mandatory safe electrical working requirements applicable to all Accredited Service Providers working on various low voltage assets
pdf NSA1924 (12/04/2017)
pdf NS200 Major Substations Ventilation Design Standard
Details the technical aspects to be considered in the design of ventilation systems for Ausgrid major substation buildings. Generally this includes new zone and sub-transmission substations.
pdf NSA1881 (20/01/2016)
pdf NS201 All Dielectric Self Supporting Fibre Optic Cabling for Installation on Distribution Assets, Feb 2008
NS 201 is Ausgrid’s specification for the design and installation of Aerial All Dielectric Self Supporting Fibre Optic Networks
pdf NS203 Network Standard Telecommunications Network: Master Policy Document
Provides the design criteria for Ausgrid personnel associated with the planning, design, construction, maintenance and auditing of communication network assets used to support the electrical network.
pdf NSA1818 (16/06/2015)
pdf NS204 Communications Pits – Specifications and Installation
The purpose of this document is to provide the specifications and guidelines for the procurement,installation and alteration of Ausgrid telecommunications pits.This standard is written to facilitate uniformity in relation to telecommunications pits across all of Ausgrid.
This document details the approved telecommunications pit types applicable to the range of conditions most commonly experienced across the Ausgrid network area. It details the approved installation and alteration methods for each pit type, as well as the associated labelling, security,
storage and documentation requirements.
pdf NSA1895 (28/04/2016)
pdf NS205 Telecommunications Route Markers
Provides the specifications and guidelines for the installation of Protection Fibre Conduits installed stand-alone (ie: independent of power cable routes) and includes the associated requirements for cable location marker placement, hauling of optical fibre cables used for critical subtransmission feeder protection, fibre cable labelling, plans and documentation
pdf NSA1879 (14/01/2016)
pdf NS208_2_1 Telecommunications Substation Communications Cabinets Architecture Design Work Instruction - May 2011
Network Standard NS208 defines the architecture, design, procurement and installation of the Ausgrid communications rack and communications equipment for use within the Ausgrid substations. This document is one of a family of documents which encompass NS208.
pdf NS208_2_2 (19/02/2013) pdf NS208_2_3 () pdf NSA1720 (3/09/2013)
pdf NS208_2_2 Telecommunications Substations - Communications Cabinet Interconnectivity, February 2013
This document defines the connectivity to be deployed when designing optical fibre systems in substations and depots. NS208 is a family of documents detailing the design of Communications Panels and associated infrastructure.
Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NS208_2_1 (5/10/2011) pdf NS208_2_3 () pdf NSA1682 (5/02/2013)
pdf NS208.2.3 Telecommunications Substation Communications Cabinet Allocation Design Work Instruction - Dec 2009
This document defines the quantity and broad function of communications cabinets to be deployed when designing communication systems in
substations and depots. NS208 is a family of documents detailing the design of Communications Panels and associated infrastructure.
pdf NS208_2_2 (19/02/2013) pdf NS208_2_1 (5/10/2011) pdf NSA1577 (27/05/2010)
pdf NS209 Guide to Operating Plant and Cranes Near Overhead Power Lines
Provides the safety requirements for operating cranes and plant near overhead power lines by Ausgrid personnel or by others working for Ausgrid.
pdf NSA1810 (11/06/2015)
pdf NS210 Documentation and Reference Design Guide for Major Substations
Details general documentation and reference design guidance for the Environmental, Civil, Architectural, Electrical Primary and Electrical Secondary aspects that shall be considered and included into the design and construction of Ausgrid’s major substations.
pdf NSA1891 (13/04/2016)
pdf NS211 Working with Asbestos Products
Details the requirements for safely working with, and/or removing from the workplace, materials containing asbestos
pdf NSA1805 (26/05/2015)
pdf NS212 Integrated Support Requirements for Ausgrid Network Assets
This documents sets out the required support requirements, including documentation, spares and training required for new network assets. This information is required to be delivered with any new type of asset being added to the Network.
pdf NSA1803 (21/05/2015)
pdf NS214 Guide to HV Live Work Design Principles
Applies to the design of overhead mains to facilitate the use of HV Live Line techniques.
pdf NSA1900 (1/07/2016)
pdf NS215 Telecommunications Design – Work Instruction Allocation and Recording of Fibre Use, Nov 2011
Specifies the method by which optical fibre should be allocated and optical fibre usage should be recorded.
pdf NS219 Telecommunications - Telephone Allocation and Isolation
pdf NSA1807 (26/05/2015)
pdf NS220 Overhead Design Manual
NS220 is to be used to support the overhead line design process. Its purpose is as a standard designer’s checking tool and a training aid. See also PEC Vsn 1.973 Pole Embedment Calculator
pdf NS220_PECGuide (12/05/2011) pdf NS220 PEC V1_976 (25/07/2011) pdf NSA1843 (30/06/2015)
pdf NS220 PEC V1_976 NS220 Pole Embedment Calculator V1.976 - Jul 2011
Spreadsheet to calculate Pole Embedment depths for different field conditions of soil type and loading to be used in conjunction with Network Standard NS220.
pdf NS220 PECGuide PEC Calculator V 1.974 User Guide - May 2011
The user manual for the Pole Embedment Calculator Spreadsheet associated with NS-220 Overhead Design Manual
pdf NS221 Telecommunications, Changes To In Service Teleprotection Equipment, Configuration Policy - Aug 2010
Outlines the requirements to be met when intending to apply hardware and/or software configuration changes to teleprotection equipment carrying live traffic
pdf NS222 Major Substation Earthing Layout Design - February 2015
NS 222 sets out the objectives and basic configurations required of an earthing layout for major substations. It also specifies procedures and acceptable practice by which these shall be achieved.
pdf NSA1788 (23/03/2015)
pdf NS223 Low Voltage Short Circuiting For De-Energised Work
The intent of this document is to provide a methodology to make LV mains and apparatus effectively de-energised to allow it to be worked on without using live LV working techniques.
pdf NSA1943 (25/10/2017)
pdf NS224 Low Voltage Suburban Commercial and Industrial Underground Distribution Utilising Pillars
Specifies the requirements for the construction of low voltage (240/415 volt) suburban commercial and industrial underground distribution systems utilising pillars in Ausgrid’s supply area.
pdf NSA1956 (28/05/2018)
pdf NS230 Testing of Distribution Substations
pdf NSA1889 (18/03/2016)
pdf NS232 National Broadband Network Assets on Ausgrid Poles
This standard specifies the requirements for attachment of NBN Co Ltd assets to Ausgrid’s overhead electrical network.
It has been developed for the design and construction of the National Broadband Network, initially using ADSS cables and further developed for conductive cables. The design and construction of
any other networks using similar technology will be guided by the same principles, but the designers must refer to Ausgrid for further information.
pdf NSA1914 (17/10/2016)
pdf NS234 Telecommunications Underground Physical Plant Installation
This Network Standard provides the requirements for the installation of Ausgrid’s telecommunications conduit as well as for the haul of telecommunications cable through
underground conduit in Ausgrid’s supply area.
pdf NSA1892 (18/04/2016)
pdf NS235 Telecommunications Underground to Overhead Transition
This document details the minimum requirements for constructing an underground to overhead (UGOH) telecommunications transition on Ausgrid and approved TransGrid assets.
pdf NSA1871 (24/11/2015)
pdf NS238 Supply Quality
NS238 states Ausgrid’s objectives for its electricity network’s impact on the characteristics of electricity supplied by retailers to their customers through its electricity Network. It replaces the Electricity Network Operation Standards (ENOS) document.
pdf NSA1796 (13/05/2015)
pdf NS243 Telecommunications: Roles, Responsibilities, Training Requirements, Auditing and Quality Assurance Acceptance
NS243 defines the key roles, their related responsibilities, minimum training requirements, compliance auditing and quality assurance control process for work on, or related to Ausgrid’s telecommunications infrastructure.
pdf NSA1820 (16/06/2015)
pdf NS245 Telecommunications Approved List of Materials
This network standard lists all of the materials and equipment approved for use on Ausgrid's telecommunications network as well as the minimum performance requirements for procurementof non-standard materials and equipment.
pdf NSA1880 (15/01/2016)
pdf NS250  Secondary Systems - Requirements for CT, VT and tripping circuits
The purpose of this standard is to describe requirements for Voltage Transformer (VT), Current Transformer (CT) and Circuit Breaker (CB) trip circuits.
This standard describes the following circuits within zone and subtransmission substations:
 CT circuits
 VT circuits
 CB trip circuits
This standard describes requirements which apply in addition to the requirements described in NS251, NS253, NS259 and other relevant network standards.
pdf NSA1905 (5/08/2016)
pdf NS252 Secondary Systems - Requirements for wiring within panels
The purpose of this standard is to describe the requirements for secondary wiring within panels in order to facilitate consistency across the network.
This standard pertains to secondary wiring within substation panels.
pdf NSA1904 (27/07/2016)
pdf NS253 Termination of Wiring in Substation Protection and Control Equipment
The purpose of NS253 is to standardise the types of cable termination methods, lugs, and crimping tools used across the Ausgrid Network in the wiring of substation control and protection panels and other related substation equipment.
pdf NSA1844 (30/06/2015)
pdf NS257 Control and Protection Cabinets and Minor Panel Hardware
NS257 provides for the specification of substation cabinets or panels styles and certain minor hardware they contain
pdf NSA1845 (30/06/2015)
pdf NS260 Sub-Transmission Feeder Earthing
This document provides guidelines on the design and construction of sub-transmission feeder earthing systems.
Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NSA1928 (8/06/2017)
pdf NS261 Requirement for design compliance framework for Network Standards
This standard outlines Ausgrid’s commitment to developing and maintaining the requirements for a compliance framework for Network Standards.
pdf NSA1779 (31/12/2014)
pdf NS262 Private Mains Bushfire Risk Inspection
NS262 is applicable when Ausgrid staff or authorised contractors are inspecting aerial consumers mains, aerial sub-mains and aerial sub-circuits. It covers the assessment of the bush fire and life threatening safety risks in low voltage private mains.
pdf NSA1862 (14/10/2015)
pdf NS264 Major Substation Lightning Protection and Insulation Coordination
The purpose of this document is to identify the minimum lightning protection and insulation coordination requirements for design and construction of major substations. The aim is to minimise equipment damage and network outages due to over voltages as far as reasonably practical.
Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NSA1929 (21/06/2017)
pdf NS266 Telecommunications Cables in Ausgrid Premises
This document defines the minimum technical and functional telecommunications cable requirements for design and installation in Ausgrid premises.
pdf NSA1870 (24/11/2015)
pdf NS268 Specification for Design and Construction of Waterway Crossings
The purpose of this document is to define the minimum requirements for designing and constructing waterway crossings over navigable waters, in accordance with the Crossings of NSW Navigable Waters: Electricity Industry Code and Australian Standard AS 6947 – Crossing of Waterways by Electricity Infrastructure.
Reference drawings
- high res (individual drawings).
pdf NSA1949 (28/03/2018)