Network Planning

Our network planning refers to our plans for improving our network and information about related projects and information for interested parties to provide submissions for potential non-network solutions and engage in the consultation process for regulatory investment test projects.  

Network management reports and safety plans

Our network management reports and safety plans refer to our management and performance of our network assets, customer installations, community safety and bushfire hazards.

National Electricity Rules consultation and reports 

As an electricity network operator, Ausgrid is required under the National Electricity Rules to publish consultation papers and reports. These reports provide details of regulatory investment tests that have been undertaken.

Network regulation

As an electricity network operator, Ausgrid is required to comply with various Acts, regulations and licences that govern the electricity industry. This site provides an overview of the relevant institutions and regulatory authorities as well a summary of energy industry reform in NSW.

Regulatory Submissions

The revenues and prices for many the services delivered by our network are subject to controls, which are determined by an independent regulator under a legislative framework. These controls are established usually every five years.